Episode 5: Save Me From Myself

In this episode of the Unmasked Podcast, Obi comes face to face with the ex that still has a hold on Kenya; Dr. KAM is growing more and more tired of “shucking and jiving” to entertain people; And Kenya’s therapist is beginning to call BS on her “progress.”

Listen in to see where Kenya’s drama takes her this time. 

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Taccara Martin as Kenya

Kenyon Martin as Dr. KAM

Oluwatobi Oladipo as “Daddy”

Tangi Green as Dr. Mikari Rose (The Therapist)

Themba Robin as Obi Okafor

Felicia Dunn as Jordan Thompson

Brian Dives as Jaxon Hart

Bryan Sparkman as Cedric

Audio Production and Sound Design by Taccara Martin.

Music from Epidemic Sound and Audiio.com.

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